Cataract surgery

At 10 years of age you cannot remain blind

Cataract is an eye disease that causes opacification of the crystalline lens, which if not removed leads to blindness. In Africa, this disease often affects even very young children, who, if not operated on for this congenital cataract, are destined to remain blind… they cannot go to school, they cannot play… they cannot be children.

Thanks to the help of some donors, in addition to campaigning for free cataract surgeries for adults (100 surgeries in November 2022 and 100 surgeries in February 2022), reported children with congenital cataracts are periodically operated on. Already 6 have been operated on in the first months of 2022. For them, a more complex procedure is required: they have to be operated on under general anaesthesia at a specialised facility (hospital in Kpalimé or Afagnan).

So Amandine, Charlotte, Gogo, Albert, Gabriel and Egnovi can look forward to a less uphill life.

THANK YOU to Fabio, who for his 18th birthday gave up GIFTS and donated the money to those in need.

Together we decided to help some children with CONGENTIONAL CATARACT, who if not operated on are destined to go blind.

So here is 8-year-old Albert, who was operated on and will now be able to continue to ‘be a child’, play and go to school- Then there is Amandine, who will also be operated on in mid-September. THANK YOU

Charlotte will not go blind at 7 years old either. She has been operated on and can now LOOK at life with more serenity. Thank you to those who donated money for the operation. Along with her, three other children were operated on thanks to the help of friends of Sister Antoinette Profumo.


And finally Saga Gogo, 10 years old. Like Charlotte, Albert and many others will not go blind, thanks to the generosity of one person. Saga Gogo underwent congenital cataract surgery at the hospital in Afagnan.

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