l'annunciazione di maria in ceramica

Maurizia's little things

Maurizia is an Aviat volunteer who raises funds for Togolese children through the sale of her beautiful creations, made of wood, ceramics and fabric. 

Here is how she presents her initiative:

“It all started out of the ‘pure pleasure of making’ of manipulating matter, of realising an idea. The choice of subjects, little houses, cribs and angels, is to continue living in the ‘clean world’ of children, giving shape to that fantasy that in my childhood had no outlet. So, when I have fun working, it is the children I think of, the beautiful ones seen in Togo to whom I donate my proceeds so that they can have a dignified life… And I am grateful to be able to do so!”

If you are curious or would like to buy the items, please contact Maurizia by writing to this email: mauriziazeta@libero.it or by calling 054242071 – 00393347780711 

Maurizia will be happy to host you at home if only for a chat.

Angels in wood and ceramics

Captioned, for any occasion (wedding, birthday, birth, graduation, etc.) and to express feelings and emotions (friendship, serenity, wonder, consolation, etc.)

Welcome cottages

Solidarity favours

Made of ceramic, fabric, cardboard and wood. Together with Maurizia you can ‘invent’ the most suitable favour for the occasion: Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, Wedding or any other occasion…

Jesus, … … I desire you to be
my lighthouse in the sea of Life!

Paintings and mirrors

Made by ceramic and wood

Nativity scenes

Made of ceramic and raw wood.

And all the others!

If you want to know more about this project, visit the missions page.

If you want to contribute and bring your drop with Aviat, you can participate as a volunteer, make a donation, become a member or donate your 5x mille to Aviat.

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