children from Togo


AVIAT odv, registered in the volunteer register of the province of Bologna prot.291863/2005 of 07/11/2005, is a lay organisation, made up of doctors, nurses and volunteers, founded in 2005 to help Togo, one of the poorest states in Africa.

Aviat odv’s only goal is to concretely help the people of Togo through:

  • Equipment

    Dispatch of medical and humanitarian material

  • Health professionals and volunteers

    Sending health professionals and volunteers for health and humanitarian projects, with the provision of medical services, free distribution of medicines.

  • Distance adoptions

    Implementation of an ongoing long-distance adoption project to ensure that adopted children have the possibility of good nutrition and schooling

  • Attention to emergencies

    Problems related to health emergencies: COVID, Malaria. Acute illnesses requiring aid to needy people. School emergencies: lack of schools or school supplies.

  • Job opportunities

    Creation of job opportunities, especially for young Togolese people, by carrying out small work projects (supplying tools) and providing micro-credits. Creation of training courses for the acquisition of specific work skills: tailoring school, teaching of handicrafts...

  • Culture of solidarity

    Dissemination of a culture of solidarity, with initiatives aimed at raising awareness of Africa and Togo in particular: promotion of meetings and initiatives in schools, groups, movements and the civil community.

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