A new mission for Aviat: 29 August to 19 September

On 29 August, four AVIAT volunteers left for a new mission: Antonio Carusone, Claudio Rigoletti, Renza Martini and Valeria Guastoni. They will be joined on 7 September by Enrica Costantini, Silvia Dragoni and Romain Moulart.


They will carry out:

visits and free distribution of medicines in various villages in the North and near the capital.
They will do activities at the NDN orphanage in Notzé and especially in Atakpamé at the ‘Village of Joy’.

In spite of difficulties in obtaining permission to operate, which came as usual at the last moment, the work of the volunteers is proceeding according to schedule. There will also be an opportunity for institutional meetings with the local authorities to set up future projects.


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