Distribution starts!

For all those who have followed us on social media over the last few months… a new phase of our project is about to start: the distribution of washable sanitary towels!

In the new mission in Togo that will start in the next few days, we will begin the distribution starting from the schools where we have already been to explain the project. We’ll be leaving soon!!!

But what exactly is Papanow vi Togo?

Papanow vi Togo is an Aviat project that arose out of the need to combat menstrual precariousness by educating young Togolese women on the subject of intimate hygiene, helping them to normalise their menstruation and deal with it safely.

And for the more curious, know that ‘Papanwou vi’ means tampon in Ewé, one of the most widely spoken languages in Togo 🙂

Would you like to follow us more closely in this project? We invite you to discover our project page and continue to follow us on social media. On Instagram you can find us with @aviat.odv

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